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Knowledge is power. Applied knowledge is empowerment.

Akin to preventative medicine­, a holistic approach to healthcare, preventative defense or PreFense is a holistic approach to preventing bad things from happening to good people. PreFense provides our clients (consumers, businesses and educational institutions) the knowledge, skills and tools needed to appropriately manage and protect against current and emerging threats. Our proprietary Empowerment Formula enables our clients to expand their outlook, increase their options and utilize effective situational awareness to defend against a successful attack. The result is a 90% advantage over traditional protective measures. Our mobile training team, comprised of active and former members of the US Department of Defense, professional law enforcement and intelligence communities, deliver PreFense via lectures, seminars and interactive workshops. PreFense was developed and codified by a respected protective programs subject matter expert with 25 years serving high and low profile US Federal agencies. Today, it is the only comprehensive learning system making Protective Intelligence readily available to the private sector.


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