What is PreFense?

PreFense is a threat management and protection-learning system that provides information and skills to develop proactive and reactive protective measures against current and emerging real world threats.

Requiring no prior training or experience, PreFense is Protective Intelligence applied throughout each sector of our critical infrastructure:

Commercial – risk managers, loss-prevention officers and human resources use PreFense to train management and employees.


Educational – school administrators use PreFense to train both staff and students.


Consumer – Anyone concerned about everyday protection and that of their loved ones can use PreFense at home,school, work, and while traveling.


What is Protective Intelligence?


Protective-IntelligenceProtective Intelligence is the art and science of understanding and further managing potential threats by collecting and assessing relevant information about such threats possessing the motivation, capability, and opportunity to mount attacks against a specific target. Looking at it from a predator’s viewpoint – you, your business/ employees, your campus/ students, your family, your assets and anyone or anything of value or importance to you, are considered targets

Experts use Protective Intelligence to determine vulnerability of a target and guide interventions to avoid, mitigate or defend against a threat.


The purpose of Protective Intelligence and PreFense is to help identify and effectively manage real-world threats.



Appropriate decisions can be made from accurate assessment, and then implemented to monitor, intervene, or as appropriate, even to prevent a potential threat from progressing into an actual threat.

PreFense is used by protection professionals who take full advantage of this valuable and practical resource by applying proven protective concepts, measures and skills that can be used immediately upon learning.

This very same user-friendly system used by the professionals is delivered via seminar, interactive workshop, or lecture format and is also available in book form. To find out more click here.