An effective advisory panel appropriately balanced, properly composed and structured, can provide non-binding but informed guidance and serve as a tremendous asset especially in the advocacy and proliferation of holistic personal security.

babyakMark Babyak

Mark Babyak joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shortly after graduating from Princeton University. During his time in the FBI he developed an expertise in several different areas. These areas include security and executive protection, weapons of mass destruction, forensics, and defensive tactics. For his efforts and accomplishments in these areas he has received several letters of commendation from the Director of the FBI, the Award for Public Service from the United States Department of Justice, and recognition from DEA and the US Secret Service.

Mr. Babyak developed considerable expertise in the area of security and executive protection as both an operational member and later the Supervisor of the Special Detail Unit which was responsible for all aspects of the protection of the Director of the FBI.He is experienced in identifying and addressing security and logistical concerns encountered during both foreign and domestic travel, conducting site surveys, and developing operational plans.

As Operations Program Manager for the Hazardous Materials Response Unit (HMRU), Mr. Babyak coordinated the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) response in the form of HMRU assets with other federal, state, and local resources. He was responsible for the logistical and operational aspects of deployments as well as pre-deployments and site vulnerability assessments for large scale Special.

With more than six years in the position of Program Manager of the FBI’s Defensive Tactics Program at Quantico, Virginia, he has trained literally thousands of FBI Special Agents as well as numerous law enforcement officers from various other agencies in both basic and advanced aspects of defensive tactics and close quarter battle (CQB). He created much of the curriculum that is currently used to instruct all Special Agent Trainees. He also provided training for various specialized groups and programs, creating a separate curriculum tailored to the specific goals and needs of each group. Mr. Babyak retired from the FBI in 2003 from the position of Supervisory Special Agent after more than twenty-nine years of service.

wayne_blackWayne B. Black

Wayne B. Black has more than thirty-seven years of professional security experience in both public and private sectors. He has personally supervised security details and special threat assignments in the United States, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South America. As a contractor for the US Department of Homeland Security after the events of 9/11, Mr. Black supervised a Red Team conducting threat assessments at national security events. He and his team were engaged in 2010 to conduct a federally funded threat assessment and security survey at the Port of Miami and other US Sea Ports.

During the Gulf War, Mr. Black designed and managed an accelerated Q Clearance security program for the US Department of Energy at a Plutonium facility. He also trained DOE officials in security operations and personal protection.

Mr. Black has been qualified to testify as an expert witness regarding security and investigative matters. Most recent testimony was Southern District of Florida case # 12-21089-CIV, J.G., Plaintiff v. Carnival Corporation, dba Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc., Defendant.

Prior, Mr. Black served as a law enforcement group supervisor in the Miami, Florida State Attorney’s Public Corruption/Organized Crime Division. Prior, he was assigned to the United States Justice Department Inter-Agency Task Force at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration where he received numerous awards and commendations from the Department of Justice and the United States Attorney.

jimmyJim C. Blount

Jim C. Blount retired from the Central Intelligence Agency in January 2009 following a 28-year career. While in the CIA, Mr. Blount had assignments as a Supervisory Instructor at “The Farm,” where he served as Chief of Firearms Training. He had also previously served as Special Operations Officer in the Counterterrorism Center, as well as Dignitary Protection Detail Officer, Polygraph Examiner and Interrogator, and Special Investigator.

Prior to joining the CIA, Mr. Blount was a Police Officer and Law Enforcement Supervisor in Virginia for seven years, and an Underwater Ordnance/Mine Warfare Specialist in the U. S. Navy.

Mr. Blount has Firearm Instructor certifications through the CIA, FBI and U. S. Secret Service, and holds a black belt in karate. He is a certified defensive tactics instructor and close quarters battle (CQB) instructor through the CIA. Mr. Blount holds a Master’s degree from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from East Tennessee State University. He is the author of Stay Alert, Stay Alive: A Guide to Counterterrorism for Everyday Life and is the author of a forthcoming memoir entitled Admit Nothing, Deny Everything: My Life in the CIA.

Subsequent to retirement from the CIA, Mr. Blount was CEO and Owner of International Threat Assessment, which provided training to law enforcement agencies in the areas of SWAT, active shooter response, dignitary protection, firearms and interrogation techniques.

Paul DeMatteisTonya J. Bond

Tonya J. Bond is a Partner at the law firm Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP in Indianapolis where she practices state and federal complex civil and commercial business litigation and counsels corporate, governmental, and nonprofit organizations on risk management, business practices, employment law, and contract negotiations. Tonya has litigated multiple cases involving international defendants. In addition to litigation, Tonya practices appellate work at both the state and federal levels.

Tonya is actively involved in the legal community. She was elected to represent District 11 on the Indiana State Bar Association’s (ISBA’s) Board of Governors and is the Secretary of the ISBA’s Professional Legal Education, Admission and Development Council. Tonya is additionally a valued advisor to the risk management sector and is a frequent speaker on various legal topics including ethics, insurance coverage, risk management, best business practices, and nonprofit issues. Prior to joining Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP, Tonya began her practice as a litigator at Ice Miller LLP, practicing in insurance recovery, premises liability, products liability, and commercial business litigation.

Paul DeMatteisPaul DeMatteis, CPP, CFE

Mr. DeMatteis is the founder and Director of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Terrorism Vulnerability Assessment Program, administered under the CUNY Research Foundation. Over the last ten years, he has successfully completed over 500 projects throughout the US within business, educational and religious communities, raising over $10 million in funding from the Department of Homeland Security.

Mr. DeMatteis has worked as an executive security professional for three world financial institutions, government and a major law firm. He has worked in over 60 countries, evaluating high-risk environments and developing mitigation systems and strategies.  He has also conducted emergency extractions, kidnapping prevention and recovery strategies, and provided executive protection programs worldwide.  Mr. DeMatteis has also conducted due diligence, fraud, multi-million dollar fraudulent transactions, and employee wrongdoing investigations on state, national and global levels, reducing loss and maximizing recovery.  He has lectured on physical and information security, risk and emergency management, counterterrorism, defending against a dedicated adversary, fraud prevention, travel security and economic espionage at financial institutions, business and security associations, law enforcement and governmental agencies in the U.S. and abroad.

Mr. DeMatteis has also served as expert commentator for NBC, CNN and Fox News.He received a commendation in 2001 from the Director of the FBI for assistance relating to the World Trade Center tragedy, and the American Society for Industrial Security presented him with an award for his work in counterterrorism.  He maintains Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) certifications, he is also a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and sits on the State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council’s NYC Executive Committee.

Damon Fayv2Damon Fay

Damon Fay is a 24-year veteran investigator and Sergeant for the Albuquerque Police Department in New Mexico. He was a primary case agent for homicides, police officer involved shootings and major violent crimes cases for 14 of his career years. As a supervisor he led an officer involved shooting team and assisted in numerous major crime joint jurisdictional investigations and task force initiatives. Damon is a recognized expert in homicide investigations, police use of force and general police procedures. During his extensive investigative career he has developed nationally accepted procedures for homicide investigation and cold cases. He has become one of the leading circumstantial case specialists in the country. Local, state and federal prosecutors and police command have called upon Fay many times in his career to provide expertise in complex, high profile and highly sensitive investigations. As a Sergeant of the Advanced Training Unit of the Albuquerque Police Academy, Damon and his staff oversaw the specialization training and career advancement of police personnel. He is an instructor in Firearms, Defensive Tactics and Ground Fighting, Use of Force and Intermediate Use of Force, Homicide and Cold Case Investigation, Major Case Management, Interview and Interrogations and Contact Weapon Defense. Damon currently lectures, professionally instructs and remains an industry expert witness and technical advisor. He is additionally the co-author (with Steve Tarani) of Contact Weapons: Lethality and Defense published through GunsiteAcademy (AZ).

Monte GouldMonte Gould

Monte Gouldis a former (honorably retired) State of California Peace officer (27 ½ years of service) and SWAT (HRT) member (22 ½ years), former US Marine, and US Army Special Operations Forces (24 years of service) active and reserve SNCO. His last SWAT assignment was as an Assault Team leader and Master SWAT state instructor. He has participated in multiple combat, foreign & domestic and counter-narcotic missions; combat operations with US, Dutch and French Special Forces including the elite French “Commandos Hubert”.

Further working as a contractor in High-risk protection teams with heads of state and clients throughout the world. Monte has attended numerous Civilian Law Enforcement, Army, Marine and Navy special operations related schools, and extraordinary training. He is a certified Firearms Instructor, holding numerous FBI, State of California and manufacture certification relative to weapons instruction and Executive protection. Throughout his career he has attended over 130 different schools, classes and advanced instructor trainings. He possesses specialized knowledge of Hostage rescue in fortified locations / heavily reinforced target locations, urban operations and CQB.

Patrick HenryPatrick Henry

Patrick Henry received his operational training and experience from the U. S. Government, 22 years of which were spent in the Marine Corps where he served in the Reconnaissance, Infantry and Intelligence fields. During his active service, he spent more then seven years deployed overseas in combat, operational and training assignments. After the military, Pat worked as a contractor and as the Director of Operations at a private paramilitary firm specializing in training military special operations forces and providing protective services to select private clients. His education consists of an MBA from the University of Southern California (USC), and a BS from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology and a minor in Psychology.

Pat holds an extensive list of security and training related certifications from a variety of government and nationally recognized entities. He currently sits on the advisory committee at USC’s Master of Veterans Business Program, and is an active member of Infraguard and the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS). He has been a guest speaker at ASIS, the San Diego Industrial Security Awareness Council and other private organizations on physical security, travel security, and competitive intelligence collection counter-measures.

Tom RovetusoTom Rovetuso

Gulf War veteran Tom Rovetuso is the Owner and Chief Instructor of Angel One Training Group, LLC.  A1TG conducts firearms and tactics training for law enforcement, military and civilian clients. Currently serving as a part-time police officer for the Village of Lakemoor, Illinois, assigned as the training officer, Tom is honorably retired after 24 years of service with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office with his last five years assigned to the Training Division as the full time Senior Firearms and Tactics Instructor and part-time Tactical Response Team. Tom served 23 years as a member of the Tactical Response Team and has extensive training and experience in Police Special Operations and Police Sniping.

While serving on TRT, Tom held the positions of Entry Team Member, Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader, Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, Assistant Field Commander and Field Commander.Tom has trained in the martial arts since 1977 and holds a Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do as well as extensive experience in Filipino Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing.  Tom served in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry Sergeant and is a Gulf War Veteran.

Steve TaraniSteve Tarani

Professional educator, author and keynote speaker Steve Tarani has served the U.S. Defense, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence communities for over 25 years as a respected Protective Programs subject matter expert (SME) and service provider to numerous high/ low-profile US federal agencies. Specializing in operational readiness, he is a federally certified force options instructor actively contracted by the US Department of Defense, National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Administration, and throughout the private sector.

Mr. Tarani, formerly sworn, is himself a former US Defense Intelligence employee (CIA), Protective Programs Educator and formerly on staff at the US DOE National Security Institute (Security Force Training Dept.) at Kirtland Air Force Base (NM). At the time of this writing, he is a published author of eight books and remains an advisor to the US Department of Justice (USDOJ), US Department of Defense, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). See