An important physical protection tool, the go bag is designed to move you off the “X” and toward safety. Indispensable to any protection expert, the go bag is a mobile personal protection kit. it’s a piece of compact lightweight gear that you can hold in your hand, that affords you options to keep that 360-degree envelope of protection around you both inside and outside of a controlled area 365 days of the year.

Your Go Bag should be compact, lightweight and mobility functional. Every item in your go bag should bring you one step closer to keeping that protection envelope. Your go bag should be “mobility functional”, that is either one- or no-hands operation. it should be specifically designed by professionals for your personal protection. When necessary, it should be both airport and airplane-friendly so that you can keep it with you as a carry-on.

Your Go Bag should have loops on both ends to hang on any style door knob or hook, and should allow you hands-free carry over one shoulder, across the body, or as a fanny pack. It should be easy to store, ambidextrous, and allow you one-handed access to your gear.

Go Bag usage is quick and simple. If needed you can literally just “grab it and go!” When staying at a hotel you simply throw in your critical personal items – any medications, cell phone, wallet, glasses, etc., zip it up and hang it on the door knob. Should an emergency event occur in the middle of the night you can grab that one Go Bag which has everything you need in it to support maintaining your 360-degree Protection Envelope.

The Go Bag is something that can be given to your son or daughter who is leaving the nest or travelling overseas, and will provide them a recommended Physical Protection Tool that they can hold in their hands.

Contents of your Go Bag may include communication tools such as cell phone or  satellite phone, persons to contact, phone lists of a support network of individuals or organizations, language card (if working or living in a foreign country), and transportation and navigation information.

It should include illumination tools such as a flashlight and glow-sticks including easy-to-find replaceable batteries. It should also include any prescription medications, Epi-pens, asthma inhalers, list of allergies and any medical problems, copies of official documents such as your driver’s license, passport, credentials, some local currency in the form of cash and change, Emergency Action Planning information and even back-up credit cards.

Back-up lights are also strongly recommended. You should also have functional clips or carabineers, which can be used to clip keys to tabs and secure your light source to your gear, your body, or your environment.

Also include a back-up or local cell phone, extra cell phone batteries, and your multi-tool and/or pocket knife. To personalize your Go Bag, you may consider such items as a back-up pair of prescription glasses, a couple protein bars, your own water bottle, extra lithium or alkaline batteries, a dust and particle mask and even ear protection depending upon where you are traveling.

The key qualities of any Go Bag are for it to be useful, lightweight, compact, and easy to access and carry. Pack only the bare essentials you will need most for the environment in which you will most likely find yourself. Just as you check the oil on your car before going on a long road trip, it’s a good idea to check the contents of your Go Bag.

360CONCEPT Go Bag – What is it?

Designed by protection experts such as former federal agents and executive protection professionals, the 360 Concept Go Bag is a portable, lightweight, compact physical protection pack that can be easily stored in a briefcase, purse, glove compartment or desk drawer, attached to a door-knob or even carried on your person containing design specific items included to promote your personal protection.

What this Bag is not:

This is not a survivalist kit, an earthquake preparedness kit, a roadside assistance kit, a medical pack or any variation thereof.

Why do I need this Protection Tool?

This bag is designed to get you “off the “x” – to help you keep moving – and closer to personal safety quickly. Having the right tool at the right time is, in many cases, the most important protective measure you can take to ensure your safety. This tool is designed to provide you with those tools on demand.



1. First Aid Kit

Paramount to optimal protection is the reduction of personal injury. The Compact Portable First Aid Kit included in the 360Concept Go-bag is designed for personal use. Included in this nylon case is a 24 piece first-aid kit including:

1. An instant Cold Pack – Provides approx. 20 minutes of cold relief.

2. Two (2) BZK Towelette for cleansing. Alcohol free.Non-sting.

3. Non-adherent 2” x 3” Bandage

4. First Aid Tape 1/2″ x 2.5yds.

5. Rolled Gauze 2” x 4 yards.

6. Ten (10) adhesive bandages ¾” x 3”

7. Five (5) Adhesive bandages 3/8” x 1 ½ “

8. Fingertip Bandage

9. Knuckle Bandage

10. Pair Vinyl Gloves

11. Hand Sanitizer Pack 0.9gm

12. First aid instruction guide (bilingual – English/ Spanish)

2. Emergency Medical Information Card

An essential part of any personal protection plan is to include your important personal medical information. When emergency service personnel roll up they should have access to critical information such as your health insurance details, blood type, current medications, dosage, emergency contact information (spouse, doctor, next of kin, etc.) and the like. The Emergency Medical Information fold out card is identical to that used by the professionals and can be used to provide emergency responders with the information needed to help you in a medical emergency.

3. Particulate Respirator

The NIOSH-approved N95 respirator provides at least 95% filtration efficiency against solid particles and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil. This is not a smoke mask and cannot be used to prevent smoke inhalation.

4. Ear Plugs

NPR 30 or above to allow for you to continue to hear but block out harmful noise. Regardless of how dynamic your environment may be it is crucial to protect your ears from deafening environments which could damage your hearing.

5. Anti-Bacterial Hands and Face Wipes

In an emergency protective scenario these are perfect for quick cleanups of dirt and non-hygienic environments. These wipes kill 99.99% of germs, and are an effective solution to keeping hands clean when soap and water are not available. These are in addition to what you find in the first aid kit and separated for immediate identification.



A one-hand easy press-button operation FLASHLIGHT – which allows you to remain functional under duress. It may be used for illumination and personal protection against an adversary. It should be easy-to-find/ replace batteries. You don’t want a flashlight that runs on batteries you can only get by special order and if they happen to be in stock! Remember that it gets dark every day and that not all rooms, stairways, etc., in every building have lights or windows.


A small backup light that is powerful and may be clipped anywhere. It may illuminate both the bag and your immediate surroundings.

3. CHEM-LIGHTS/GLOW STICKS Three separate colors with a hook for fastening

Used for both notification and identification – In the event of an emergency the Chem-lights or Glo-sticks can be utilized to notify first responders of your location and that of others with you.

4. TRACKER BULB – Blinker and uninterrupted light

Designed to keep you “seen & safe” in all conditions to allow people to see/find you in low light conditions.


1. Quick Clip Carabineers

The need to instantly attach your keys, light source, carry cases and a plethora of other gear to yourself, your bag or your surroundings is immediately satisfied with the quick clip carabineer.

a. Large Quick Clip Carabineer – utilized to quickly secure larger items

b. Medium-sized Quick Clip Carabineer – utilized to secure smaller items

2. Parachute Cord (550 cord)

Ten (10) feet (3 meters) of Parachute cord (also called Paracord or 550 cord) which is a lightweight nylon kern mantle rope.

3. Mini-Bungee Bands (Non-abrasive) – Four (4)

Four (4) non-abrasive, high-quality elastic bands included to tie back hair reduce bulk of clothing – ankle – sleeves, attach articles round your wrists or ankles.



A basic staple that is one handed flip open operation.

2. PEN

In any emergency or protective solution the ability to record important information such as directions, phone numbers, emergency points of contact and other critical information under times of duress is essential to your personal protection and that of those who may be with you.


1. Aluminum High-Pitched Alert Whistle

In the event you may not be able to speak and you need to be heard or found underground, inside rubble, etc., a non-verbal pronounced audio device may be the one and only way for you to be noticed.


1. Where do you find all of the 360Concept Go Bag contents?

Communication – Health – Information Pocket

The smaller of the two (2) top pockets is designed with a RED POCKET that runs the entire length of the bag. It houses the following First Aiditems:

1. First Aid Kit

2. Emergency Medical Information Card

3. Particulate Respirator

4. Ear Plugs

5. Anti-Bacterial Hands and Face Wipes

There are two (2) Velcro pockets opposite the Health Pocket.

The LEFT VELCRO POCKET houses Information items:

1. Pad of Paper

2. Pen

The RIGHT VELCRO POCKET houses Communication items:

1. Quality Aluminum Whistle

2. Other (cell phone)

Light – Linking Pocket

The large center pocket is designed with:

A GREEN POCKETfor sensitive documents such as passports and for money & credit cards.

A PURPLE POCKETwhich is left empty for you to place items of your choosing.

A BLUE POCKETwhich includes:

1. Flashlight

Velcro Pocket which includes:

1. Quick Clip Carabineer – Large

2. Quick Clip Carabineer – Small

3. Parachute Cord (550 cord)

4. Elastic Bands (Non-abrasive) – Four (4)

The Three (3) Chem-Lights or Glow Sticks reside in the bottom of this large center pocket.

The TRACKER BULB is hooked to a clip that resides across from the Blue Pocket.

The THUMB-LIGHT is hooked to a larger hook next to the Velcro Pocket.

2. How is the 360Concept Go Bag designed to be used?


1. Various ways to wear

a. Right Hand Carry

b. Left Hand Carry

c. Front or Rear Carry

d. Front or Rear Fanny Pack Carry

2. Double D–Rings for fastening items to your strap

3. Double Elastic Bands for fastening items to your strap

4. Elastic Bands for storing your excess strap webbing

5. Removable strap which allows for folding and storage

6. Neoprene and mole skin materials for comfort


1. Large Front Pocket – This pocket is designed for your use. It could hold your cell phone, keys, etc.

2. Expandable pocket which allows for greater storage.

3. Double Zipper pulls so the bag continues to function as ambidextrous.

4. Webbing to fasten Carabineers.


1. Two (2) side handles that allow for carrying or hanging on hooks, door knobs, etc. and allow the bag to be fastened to various other items.

2. Top handle for carrying or hanging as above


Communication – Health – Information Pocket

1. Double zipper for right-left handed opening

2. RED PANEL & ZIPPER immediately identify this pocket as health items

3. One small hook for fastening which holds a thumb light

4. One Large hook for fastening (keys, carabineers, lights, etc.)

5. Thumb Light for light both inside and outside of the bag

6. Information pocket – Velcro close will hold two (2) pens in elastic pen holders

7. Communication Pocket – Holds whistle etc. (cell phone)

8. Center of the pocket will hold other items.


Light – Linking Pocket

1. Deep Open pocket allows the pocket to be particularly strong and an extra space large open area for maximum storage and utility.

2. GREEN ZIPPER POCKET for sensitive documents such as passports and for money & credit cards.

3. PURPLE ZIPPER POCKET which is left empty for you to place items of your choosing.

4. BLUE ZIPPER POCKET which includes a 12 bulb L.E.D. Flashlight.

5. Velcro Pocket which includes:

a. Quick Clip Carabineer – Large

b. Quick Clip Carabineer – Small

c. Parachute Cord (550 cord)

d. Elastic Bands (Non-abrasive) – Four (4)

6. Three (3) Chem-Lights or Glow Sticks – in three (3) separate colors – reside in the bottom of this large center pocket. Each has a hook so it may be attached to the bag or any other place an indicator light may be necessary.

7. One small hook for fastening which holds a tracker bulb

8. One Large hook for fastening (keys, carabineers, lights, etc.)

9. Tracker Light for emergency flasher use outside of the bag

10. Center of the pocket will hold other items.


1. Designed to hold the strap if it is disconnected form the bag.

2. If strap is engaged this pocket may be used to hold other items.


1. Parallel Carry

2. One hand or no hand usage

3. Front and back carry

4. Right and left carry

5. Front and rear fanny pack carry

Utility – All inclusive items


1. Communication – cell phone

2. Medication – asthma, diabetes, other items

3. Additional battery for your cell phone

4. Additional batteries for your flashlight

5. Protein Bars/ Food

6. Extra prescription glasses or sun glasses

7. A back up copy of your government ID

8. A protein bar or other food

9. Leatherman tool

10. Pocket knife

11. Liquid Hand cleanser

12. Warming Blanket

13. Rain Poncho

14. Compass

15. Magnifier

16. Mirror



Check your bag every month for:

New Flashlight Batteries

Recharged Cell Phone Battery

Protein Bar/ Food expiration dates

Medical Prescription expiration dates

Make sure someone has not “borrowed” any of the items kept in your bag.