Program Outline and DescriptionPresentation Title: Preventative Defense / PreFense®

Category: Personal Security/ Health & Well Being/ Self Knowledge

Delivery Options: Lecture only – 90 minutes
Interactive Workshop – 4 hours
Training Seminar – 6 hours

Description: Learning what the professionals know about ensuring your personal security. Master the tools and skills that will keep you safe no matter where you go. Building your awareness and confidence gives you the decisive advantage in reducing your risk profile, and is the key to avoiding preventable violence.


Preventative Defense / PreFense®

Knowledge is power. Applied knowledge is empowerment.  Akin to preventative medicine­, a holistic approach to healthcare, preventative defense or PreFense is a holistic approach to preventing bad things from happening to good people. PreFense provides our clients (consumers, businesses and educational institutions) the knowledge, skills and tools needed to appropriately manage and protect against current and emerging threats. An Empowerment Formula directs our clients to expand their outlook, increase their options and utilize effective situational awareness to defend against a successful attack. The result is a 90% advantage over traditional protective measures.

  • Take home the 90% Advantage
  • Learn what is and how to optimize your Situational Awareness
  • Avoid, mitigate and if needed defend against any threat
  • Understand what is and how to defeat the Anatomy of an Attack
  • Learn how to break each step of the “Attack Cycle”

Value to members: Members leave with the knowledge and skills of how to gain the 90% Advantage in any threat engagement, what is and how to manage a Threat Progression, the fundamentals of Protective Intelligence in avoiding, mitigating and if need be defending against a threat, everything “has to go right” for the predator – your knowledge of what those things are and how they work allow you to disrupt all them when it only takes one to fail which gains you the knowledge of how to defend against any successful attack.

Self-empowerment, Education and Well-being

PreFense® is a holistic approach to your personal security. You are the key to stopping preventable violence—learning what the professionals know about ensuring your personal security will give you the decisive advantage in avoiding any threat.


…is a piece of security that you can offer your child who is about to live away from home for the very first time.

…as opposed to dialing 911 or using self-defense, provides you a third option—which up till now has only been available to the privileged few.

…is comprised of concepts and measures that put you in the driver’s seat and firmly in control of your environment instead of at its mercy.

…is a learning system based on thought, action and skill you can use as a tool for life to help keep you safe no matter where you go.

…empowers you by optimizing your awareness and building your confidence to reduce vulnerability and strengthen your personal security.

PreFense® is used by protection professionals who take full advantage of this valuable and practical resource by applying proven protective concepts, measures and skills that can be used immediately upon learning.

This very same user-friendly system used by the professionals is delivered via seminar, interactive workshop, or lecture format and is also available in book form.